Caribbean Snow Ice Machine

The core of our Caribbean Snow Ice product range is our ice cream machine, which enables you to turn a Snow-Drop into Caribbean Snow Ice.

Our machine specifically developed for Caribbean Snow Ice is as simple as it is ingenious.

Thanks to the innovative and patented cutting process, a Snow-drop will turn into our Caribbean Snow Ice within seconds. Operating and cleaning the machine is child’s play. It takes only a minute to remove and clean all parts that have contact with the food. Of course, you can also simply put those parts in the dishwasher. After thorough inspection, our machine was awarded the CE and GS signs. With its small size of 37 x 35 x 69 cm and a weight of less than 30 kg, it is also practical and can be easily set up almost anywhere. Energy consumption during operation is 130 W, dropping to only 5 W in standby mode, which makes the machine ideal for installation in mobile sales points such as ice cream carts. We can proudly say that our machine is “Made in Germany”. It has been developed and constructed in Northern Germany in cooperation with the engineering firm 3P-Eneneering and Keil Feinwerktechnik as well as Theilen Maschinenbau. It is produced entirely in Lower Saxony.

The machine is designed for a service life of at least 200,000 cycles. The machine does not require any servicing during this cycle.

The factory keeps spare machines at hand in case a machine develops issues anyway. They can be delivered as replacements within 24 – 48 hours where necessary.

Caribbean Snow Ice Machine


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1. Sales table

Order number: 1000100

The Sales table offers the optimal work environment for the snow ice machine in order to ensure a fluent and efficient work-space during processing and subsequent cleaning.


The sales table is the site of setup for the snow ice machine and the different toppings. It is made of stainless steel, easy to clean, and easy to move on its rollers. It has an integrated tray with spray nozzles for cleaning the sliders, drip trays, and a container for disposing of the Snow-drop containers to always ensure a clean work. The spittle protection screen adds to hygiene at the workplace by protecting the work surface and the materials.

How to use it:

Take the Snow-drops out of the freezer (on the right). Remove the Snow-drop lid with the lid opener. Put the Snow-drop onto the slider with the large surface down, then release the Snow-drop from its packaging container with the thawing cup. Place the Snow-drop into the slider and push it into the machine. Push the start button. Done. To clean the slider, hold it inside the cleaning tray. Use the pedal to activate the cleaning nozzles. The slider should be clean within 2-4 seconds.

Sales Table

2. Thawing cup

Order number: 1000102

The thawing cup can be used to slightly heat the Snow-drop in order to release the Snow-drop from the cup more easily.

Sales Table

3. Lid Opener

Order number: 1000103

The lid opener allows for the quick removal of the Snow-drop lid.

Sales Table

4. Freezing plate

Order number: 1000105

The freezing plate can be used to produce larger quantities of Snow-drops much faster. Freezing also takes place much more evenly. The freezing plates have a passage on two sides to permit safe transport of a large number of Snow-drops.

Sales Table

5. Replacement screen

Order number: 1000106

This is a replacement for the protective screen on the Sales table.

Sales Table


Since we are continually developing new ice cream flavours and various uses, we would also like to present our Caribbean Snow Ice cocktail concept to you. The special Cocktail-Drops comes packaged in 125 ml containers and are two-coloured. These Snow-drops are not only larger and less sweet, but also have flavours customised for the cocktail menu.

The two-coloured sets will enable you to serve the best colour graduations and different consistencies, all in one glass.

Coctail concept


The are 2 standard snow ice containers. For large volume orders, we can also offer a larger selection of different bowl models, as well as the possibility of having your company logo printed on the containers.

1. Serving Cup ( 400ml )

We offer a transparent cup with lid as a standard range. This cup is ideal for take-away. We have this version in stock in two different sizes. The 400 ml cup is used when only filling with a single Caribbean Snow Ice portion. If you want to offer your own snow ice presentation with additions, such as, with vanilla pudding, chocolate pudding, yoghurt with fresh fruit, it is better to use the 500 ml serving bowl.

2. Serving Bowl ( 500ml )

Our standard serving bowl is the 500 ml standard cup. It is perfect for eating right on the spot. The bowl is both attractive and robust.