How about ice cream that is healthy, natural and low-calorie?
Impossible, you say?
It is possible now!

CARIBBEAN SNOW ICE is a new, innovative ice-cream system that seems to magically produce a snow ice cream that melts airily-light on the tongue while unfolding its uniquely natural and intense flavour, thanks to a specifically developed cutting procedure. Our ice cream has been developed based on more than 20 years of experience in ice cream production collected by our family-owned partner company. The result is unique.

Not only is our ice cream unique, but so is the process of conversion of a Snow-drop into our CARIBBEAN SNOW ICE. Together with companies from Germany, we have developed an ice cream machine that is robust, simple and GS-tested. Due to the easy handling and cleaning, everyone will be able to produce high-quality ice cream within seconds. Thanks to its airy structure, it takes approx. eight minutes before it starts to melt at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. CARIBBEAN SNOW ICE is an impulse ice cream and thus ideal for a restaurant, kiosk, kitchen, petrol station, gym and many other places. Our Snow-drops are made of the best ingredients only. They have a fruit content of up to 50 % and can be stored in any conventional freezer at -18 C.

Snowdrop Maker

Less than 80 kcal per portion

Low sugar content

No preservatives

No more than 1.8% fat

No synthetic aromas or colours

Vegan and lactose-free flavours


Snow Ice machine

Dairy ice cream

Sorbet flavours


Snow to go

Marketing material


Made in Germany



Diverse uses

Simple handling